Phaser Type 1

Phase Type 1 is our first prototype all electric performance motorcycle. The vehicle incorporates the highest performance electric powertrain into a beautiful, hand crafted form. 

Electric Drive

At the core of the Phaser Type 1 is an electric 35kW permanent magnet DC motor, with a peak output of 80kW. This motor packs 120Nm of torque which is available from standstill.


High grade automotive spec lithium ion cells were sourced for the battery pack. At peak power, the pack provides 800 amps at over 100 volts. The custom designed casting provides structural rigidity and heat dissipation.

Year of build: 2016
Chasis: Yamaha FZS600 Fazer
Top speed: TBC
Range: TBC


Type: Air-cooled, high efficiency, brushless permanent magnet DC.
Max torque: 160 Nm
Max power: 80 kW (107 hp)
Continuous power: 32kW (42 hp) @ 5,000 rpm

Battery Pack

Type: Air-cooled, automotive grade lithium ion cells
Power: 6.04 kWh
Chemistry: Lithium Manganese Oxide (LiMn2O4)