Freddie is your freedom machine.

Available Summer 2017.

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Powerful electric motor - Green doesn't equal slow

Freddie has a high performance hub motor which can produce up to 3kW of power, reaching a top speed of 45mph. This is 12 times more powerful than the 0.25kW motor typically installed in a traditional e-bike. You'll be the nippiest thing around town.

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Long lasting lithium ion battery

The battery is built from the highest quality lithium ion cells which will give you 40 to 60 miles of range on a single charge. This type of battery cell is currently used in the Tesla Model S. Having a high quality battery means that it be longer lasting and able to provide the big bursts of energy needed to accelerate.

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Removable battery - charge anywhere

To recharge, you simply remove the battery from under the seat and plug it in at any 3 pin wall outlet. It weighs less than 8kg, so it's easy to carry up to your flat or office. Once plugged in, you'll be fully charged in under 2 hours and ready to ride another 40-60 miles.

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No more fuel or oil changes

Freddie is as simple to maintain as your bicycle. Because the motor is inside the rear wheel hub, there is no chain to maintain. You'll need to check your breaks and tyres regularly, but aside from that there's nothing else to worry about. And lets not forget how much money you'll save on fuel. The battery costs less than 25 pence to fully charge, giving you over 40 miles range.

Epic tyres

Fitted with high spec X tyres. You can take Freddie everywhere.


Onboard computer

The onboard system shows you battery levels, range and charge.





Rugged frame

Freddie is built to last. The rugged frame is hand fabricated from high strength steel.

Price and technical specifications

Expected launch price: £3,200 (incl. OLEV grant)

Type of vehicle: Electric motorcycle
Max. speed: 45 mph
Range: 40 - 60 miles
Motor: 3 kW hub motor with regenerative braking
Battery: 1.5 kWh Lithium-Ion (2 hour charge time)
Weight: 50 kg without battery (58 kg with battery)
Lighting: LED
Charger: 750W external charger

Available Summer 2017