We provide a range of electric vehicle related services, from part sourcing to finished vehicles.

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Custom electric vehicles

We specialise in crafting unique electric vehicles. Our experience stems from our early work in electric motorcycles, but extends to other specialist custom electric vehicles.


CUSTOM battery packs

We are experienced in producing custom lithium ion battery packs for a variety of use cases. Our process involves:

  1. Selecting the best cell type for your pack (pouch, cylindrical/18650)
  2. Designing the pack structure (temperature control, impact protection etc)
  3. Integrating the BMS (Battery management system)
  4. Final assembly and testing of packs

EV Part sourcing, design and development

Electric vehicle components can be challenging to source and integrate. We can advise on and source all parts including motor, battery, controller etc. In addition, we can produce the custom parts required to integrate the electric powertrain into custom EV conversions and prototypes.

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EV Project Consulting and Services

We can assist with your electric vehicle project on a consultancy basis. Our electric vehicle consulting services include:

  • General project consulting
  • Concept design
  • Fabrication
  • Electric powertrain
  • Control software
  • Human machine interaction
  • Part sourcing